TSDOMS (The Secret Duties of Master and Servant) is an immersive installation exploring power dynamics between human and virtual worlds. Presented as a virtual reality experience, the work transports the viewer into the simulated scene inside the world of CLON, a parallel reality which overlaps in the physical space. Hand gestures, movement patterns and musical responses are exchanged between the viewer and the counterpart in the metaverse, engaging in an uncanny ritualistic exercise with an unexplored world. TSDOMS reflects on the role of power and dominance in stereotyping human behaviour, and how this system influences the construction of virtual environments and artificially intelligent entities. The project is a continuation of CLON’s exploration of hybrid realities and simulated worlds through speculative narratives.

feat. sound by Ana Quiroga
(Virtual Reality Installation)

Clon (UK/ES)
TSDOMS is a project by CLON. Written, directed and designed by Estela Oliva, with sound design and music by Ana Quiroga. CLON is the project of artist, director and curator Estela Oliva, in which she explores futuristic and speculative fiction to reflect on the impact of digital technologies and the Internet in human behaviour, identity and our surroundings. CLON’s hybrid environments blend the physical and the virtual, unfolding a set of connected stories and experiences. These narratives come to life in experimental formats such as VR experiences and walk-throughs, installations, performances and films. As CLON, Estela has exhibited internationally at Somerset House, Barbican Centre, Art Night London, Sonar Hong Kong, Espacio Fundacion Telefonica (Peru), MIRA Festival (Barcelona), and Mutek (Montreal).

Ana Quiroga is a music composer, audio producer and sound designer whose work focuses on electronic music production and sound design for film, audiovisual performances, installations and interactive media. She has performed internationally at Sónar, Berlin Atonal, Barbican, Mutek MX, LEV, Corsica Studios and NTS Radio among others. She has released on Editions Mego and Other People.