Constellation of the flesh is a VR experience inspired by Buryat shamans going into trance. Based on a real event in a sacred place between Mongolia, Siberia and China, where a rare meeting of shamans took place at the end of the summer of 2019. The project focuses on the choreographic expression of trance in shamanist movements. Can we digitise the dance of the supernatural? Can we transform those trance fragments into a sensory experience? How can the body transcend beyond physical boundaries?

Mária Júdová (SK)
Mária Júdová is an independent visual artist who has been investigating the creative potential of technology for over a decade. She is particularly interested in exploring the intersection of digital and performance arts. Her work spans from (interactive) installations and Virtual Reality experiences to audio-visual performances. She received her BA in Digital Media at the Academy of Arts (SK) and M.A. at the Center for Audiovisual Studies (CZ). She has worked with renowned bodies such as Choreographic Coding Lab (DE), Rambert Contemporary Dance Company in London (UK) and Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media (JP). Her works have been presented worldwide – Sonar Hong Kong (CHN), Laboratorio Arte Alameda (MX), Japan Media Arts Festival (JP), Immersive Expressions of Siggraph (NY), Athens Digital Arts Festival (GR), Sensorium (SK), Berlin Atonal (DE) amongst many others. Her work was awarded by Japan Media Arts Festival (JP), B3 Biennale (DE), Nexon Computer Museum (Korea) and Zealous (UK).