Cities Of Ladies (2 & 3)

Cities of Ladies is an immersive poetic animation documentary trilogy created through multidisciplinary art practices to foster hope, change and promote self-development through the exploration and recognition of personal views and ideologies. Inspired by “The Book of the City of Ladies” by Christine de Pizan (1364 – c. 1430), the film has been created in two formats: one in traditional flat screen and the other two in 360 monoscopic. The film has a total of three versions. Each version captures a different stage of the process of thinking, making, watching and feeling the collection of voices, sharing their thoughts about today’s world. Cities of Ladies was produced with support from Arts Council England’s Emergency Response Fund, Animate Projects Arts, in association with QUAD Derby and Phoenix, Leicester.

Kim Noce (UK)
Kim Noce is an Italian artist, filmmaker and animator resident in the UK. Her work has been screened in major international film festivals, displayed in art galleries, broadcasted on major TV channels and streaming platforms, and has won several prizes around the world.