Offset XYZ-

What, if you are not understood? What, if your environment were alien to you? What, if you just want to be accepted? What, if you were an AI? Imitating human behavioral patterns with derived, abstracted actions and processes, Offset XYZ — a physical artificial intelligence — tries to establish communication with the human observer. The kinetic sculpture’s behaviour includes fixed, dynamic and random movements together with flexible time units (unique, repetitive, intuitive) to create an autonomous, unpredictable object which possess its own time basis, its own consciousness, its own reality. Every position and movement has to be read as encrypted words and sentences, its semiotic system or language: an attempt for seeking contact from the self-aware becoming machine trying to be understood by its unknown environment. To immerse its effort for acceptance, the object has adapted a recognized proportion model based on the human body (Modulor Man by Le Corbusier) to adjust its physical appearance to the scheme-conditioned human perception as much as possible. Is the observer — are we — able to decode and accept the cryptic, alien opponent as an equal acting protagonist?

Andreas Lutz (DE)
Andreas Lutz’s (*1981 in Freiburg / Germany) initial works refer to alternative human machine interaction and the approach to create integrated and universal communication systems. In his recent work, he increasingly analyzes and reveals phenomenons of perception versus reality and principles of abstract aesthetics with audio-visual installations. The creation of experimental soundscapes and the relation of semiotics and sound are further aspects of his work.