8 bit human

“8bit Human” is a series of interactive light sculptures. The main characteristics of these humans are the voxel structure of their body, the light cubes/pixels that can be illuminated in the 8 primary colors of the 8bit computers (red, green, blue, yellow, magenta, cyan, black and white), and the single-leg with a base at the end. 8bit Humans is a comment on the loneliness of the modern digital society, where physical interaction and connection have been replaced by modern technology and social media. During this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, people sought a companion on the digital domain. An “8bit human” is a lonely figure, sitting on a bench and waiting for a friend. Color and light have a primitive power in the spiritual customs and ceremonies of people. The colors and the form of the sculpture are inspired by the 8bit culture of the 80s computers, which have affected the aesthetics of the last generations as computer games have been an important part of their childhood. The revival of these color combinations can arouse memories and feelings from that age while at the same time can provide comfort and companionship. The colors of each light cube can be changed by the visitor using an online app (accessible from his/her desktop computer or mobile phone) so each one can paint their personal 8bit hero. Three 8bit Humans will be presented at ADAF. Their names are: Odeen, Dua and Tritt. https://kranidiotis.gr/8bit-humans/

Yiannis Kranidiotis (GR)
Yiannis Kranidiotis is a new media artist and musician whose work explores the relationship between light and sound by creating spaces and experiences where both coexist and interact. He is also interested in investigating the inseparable relationship between science and art. This requires a cross-disciplinary work with sound, visual arts, coding, electronics and physics. His work has been presented in many festivals and exhibitions like SPECTRA 2017 (Aberdeen, UK), Made in NY Media Center (New York), B-Seite Festival (Germany), Rome Media Festival 2016 (Rome), ISEA 2016 (Hong Kong), ISEA 2015 (Vancouver), MADATAC 08-06 (Madrid), Lumen Prize Online Gallery, Aesthetica Art Prize 2015 Longlist, Onassis Cultural Center (Athens). Many websites and magazines have published articles about his work including “Google Cultural Institute”, “The Creators Project”, “Gizmodo”, “Open Culture”, “Hyperallergic”, “Bigthink” and “Konstvärlden”. He has also composed music for short films and theatre. He has a BS in Physics from University of Partas and M.Sc. in Optics from Essex University. He lives and works in Athens.