Natural Preversions

In the realm of acoustic hyper-reality we meet aural simulacra of the order of maleficence. These are audio signals that mask and denature a profound acoustic reality. They are referential and representational, but in a way that they dissimulate reality and become its twisted Doppelgängers. Simulacra of the order of maleficence are perversions of reality. With the sound artwork ‘Natural Perversion v 2.0’ Through a set of sonic processes the artist delves into autogenerative, autopoietic, responsive and biomimetic modes of creation exploring how the original naturally produced audio signal can be transformed into a sonic caricature and depending on the way it balances between its signifier and its signified aspect, it may re-interpret naturally produced concrete audible events into a musical language which serves both the acousmatic and the non-cochlear approaches to contemporary sound art.

Luc Messinezis (GR)
Luc Messinezis is an artist and researcher working across sound, text, installation and audiovisual narratives. He holds an MA in sound arts awarded by the University of the Arts London and his practice oscillates between aural awareness, anthropology, notions of reality and authenticity. Luc usually aims to mediumizing the audience by placing them at the epicentre of the work and thus fusing gesture, aesthetics, message and narrative. Notable presentations of his work include Ars Electronica 2020 (Linz, Austria), minus20degree Festival 2020 (Flachau, Austria), Primarolia Festival 2019 (Egio, Greece), ADAF 2015 (Athens, Greece) and Ethnographic Terminalia 2011 (Montreal Canada) among others. He was nominated for the ScreenGrab7 Media Award 2015 (Townsville, Australia) for his work ‘The Modern book of Cynics’ while as an academic Luc has presented his work in a multitude of international conferences and authored several publications. Finally he is an active member of the Hellenic Society of Acoustic Ecology and currently scrutinizes ‘aural simulacra’ as a researcher at the Ionian University.