Hybrid worlds, new realities: World building for VR and Immersive Spaces

Traditional forms of making and experiencing art and culture are being challenged by the integration of new technologies in the arts. Immersive art installations created using emerging technologies such as simulations, gaming, VR and mixed reality have the power to transport the audience outside our known reality to parallel and hybrid worlds, in which the virtual and physical converge in new ways. This presentation explores and questions how these emerging practices are a testing lab for new forms of creation, exhibition and distribution of art.

Estella Oliva (UK)
CLON is the project of artist, director and curator Estela Oliva, in which she explores futuristic and speculative fiction to reflect on the impact of digital technologies and the Internet in human behaviour, identity and our surroundings. CLON’s hybrid environments blend the physical and the virtual, unfolding a set of connected stories and experiences. These narratives come to life in experimental formats such as VR experiences and walk-throughs, installations, performances and films. As CLON, Estela has exhibited internationally at Somerset House, Barbican Centre, Art Night London, Sonar Hong Kong, Espacio Fundacion Telefonica (Peru), MIRA Festival (Barcelona), and Mutek (Montreal).