Active Information Carriers

I am a physical organism with a virtual core.
I am a collection of cells identifying as me.
I imagine myself. I remember myself. I live myself.
I am not myself.
I am in motion.
I am permeable.
I feel space.
My understanding generates content.
I am an active information carrier.

Active Information Carriers is a discussion about identity, the representation of self and others, about emotional connection mediated by technology. We need to define ourselves in relation to the existence of others as well as influence their evolution; We feed on emotions but also have an urge to leave our own emotional traces in digital space.
During this talk I’ll be in dialogue with artist Sergiu Negulici and programmers Răzvan Vasilache, Alexandru Florin Vartic and Sorin Olexiuc, explaining our work process for Incremental God, a project that uses the emotional state of the users to generate content in a virtual persona.