Astral Music Projections

Constructable / deconstructable, this installation is a composing instrument and holographic sampler: loop-based, multi-channel, hypnotising and non-linear journey of human connections, with over 1 million possible permutations of synchronised people representing a multicultural landscape. Astral Music Projections is an interactive music machine, a futuristic participatory experience containing holograms of musicians, vocalists and spoken word artists, brought together into an ever-evolving mashable collage that is controlled by the audience by using the station’s launchpads. The holographic display is the blank canvas onto which people trigger these artists to create holographic sequences of music. Built in collaboration with MDH Hologram, Strange Pill invites the audience to an intuitive exploration of the idea that a song is more than the sum of the parts, and the parts are essential for the song to exist; and how us humans perceive the continuum flow of meanings as the parts change the whole through this endless piece.

Strange Pill (UK/ES)
Strange Pill are London based audio visual artists Ben Hardy (UK) & Zahara Muñoz-Vicens (Spain) – explorers of perception with an experimental perspective of music as collage. They have merged filmed live performance cut-ups, locations, loops, touchscreens, holograms, projections, interactivity and video art since 2010 and are at the avant-garde of post-digital culture, mixing digital and analogue into novel experiences by unveiling the visual narrative that is absent in an audio recording.
They work with hundreds of artists and organisations and have exhibited at places like Barbican Centre, Kinetica Museum & Cairo Palace Of Arts amongst others. This year they are included in Aesthetica Magazine’s anthology “Future Now: 100 contemporary artists”.