Phrase Fighter

Phrase Fighter is a conceptual game where algorithmically curated phrases have to fight each other in a classic arcade game environment. The project highlights the way algorithms sort content on the internet. The phrases are quotes filtered by some of the great and disturbing voices like American politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), Beyoncé, Elon Musk, WHO, and QAnon. What if debates and arguments could take place in a computer game environment? Navigating these aesthetics — the public conversation on social media, computer games, and political debate — it reveals a metaphor for our public conversation online. The semantic similarity works using succinct sentences to make the comparison. The filter for AOC, for example, uses “Healthcare and free tuition for all. Housing as a human right. Tax the rich. Our system is fundamentally broken. Inequality in this country is immoral. Working-class America deserves a living wage.” The game is available online. Small adaptations were made to be played at ADAF.

Vitor Freire (NL)
Imagination of Things is a creative group based in Amsterdam that uses narrative design and technology to craft meaningful stories. Storytellers, inventors, magicians. They work with a range of creative applications that spark conversations and cultural impact. They trust in play, narratives, and digital choreographies. They have also collaborated with brands and institutions like the European Commission, Le Shadok, The Student Hotel, VICE, and Crocs Europe. The studio partners are: Vitor Freire, a Brazilian creative director and choreographer of experiences; Monique Grimord, an American art director and interactive designer; Tom Power, an Irish musician and creative technologist.