The Great Bar in the Sky

The Great Bar in the Sky is a fictional, interactive story in digital format, which is set in an alternative version of Athens, where history took a different turn after the COVID pandemic of 2020. Inspired by real life events, governmental decisions during – and after the pandemic, as well as the flux in our everyday life, and extrapolating to not-so distant-extremes, tGBitS aims to provide users with an unfamiliar vision of Athens, in order to invite self-reflection on our own tangible condition. By entering the digital world, the player/user -a real life local Athenian becomes a visitor/tourist in alter-Athens and is encouraged to piece together the history and modus operandi of this place, by the qualities of the public urban space and the oral stories of its inhabitants.

Christina Chrysanthopoulou (GR)
Christina Chrysanthopoulou graduated from the NTUA School of Architecture, holds a Master’s degree in “Art and Virtual Reality”, a collaboration between the Athens School of Fine Arts and the Paris 8 University, and she is a PhD candidate at the School of Film Studies of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She has several publications concerning the creation of digital content for educational and artistic applications and has participated with personal and group projects in various exhibitions and festivals. She is the co founder and art director of ViRA | Virtual Reality Applications, a company that focuses on the creation of interactive virtual content.

Olga Chatzifoti graduated from the School of Architecture, NTUA, with a focus on Urban Planning, after which she gradually oriented herself towards the design of interactive digital experiences. She is currently based in Glasgow, UK and attending postgraduate studies in the Glasgow School of Arts. Olga specializes in game-based-learning and the design of ‘serious games’ for educational purposes.