Incremental God

Incremental God is a self-organizing virtual world whose evolution can be influenced just by looking at it. The public’s facial features are translated into emotions in real time and used to generate the growth or decay of the digital environment that is the habitat of a virtual female. This virtual persona continuously redefines her vital space in order to survive and reasserts her identity to exist in symbiosis with her environment. The project starts from a set of initial conditions and evolves according to the input of the viewers. The artwork is inspired by the principle of computational irreducibility that states that the only way to determine the response to a computationally irreducible request is to actually perform, or simulate, the computation. Incremental God takes this idea further to the concept of lived space. The work uses the diversity of user behavior combinations to create an environment that comes into existence incrementally, while experiencing it. The perception of the Incremental God world is simultaneous with the observers’ emotional reactions that influence it, making understanding impossible in the absence of performing.

Saint Machine (RΟ)
SAINT MACHINE is a Romanian experimental artist, creator of organism-like sculptures that carry a virtual core and use the human body to function. Her works are immersive interactive installations that investigate the notion of space as living structure in its superposing instances: real-virtual, public-private, interior-exterior, hidden-revealed. SERGIU NEGULICI is a Romanian visual artist creating abstract objects with underlying mathematical structure. He is also a movie director, his short animation films having won several awards, such as “Jean Luc Xiberras Award” for a First Film at Annecy, Grand Award at CINANIMA and Grand Prize at Hiroshima International Animation Festival. Collaborators: MITOȘ MICLEUȘANU (music), RĂZVAN VASILACHE (Unity programming & implementation of body tracking sensors), ALEXANDRU-FLORIN VARTIC & SORIN OLEXIUC (programming OpenFace, ML.NET & AspNetCore2, C++, C#)