“It could seem to look like Nero fiddling while Rome burns.” This work is about the ‘fire’ and ‘light’ that embellish the splendid city. The images shown in the video can be seen at festivals and urban landscapes. But the fierceness of life and all kinds of anguish would be hidden into the light of spectacular city. In other words, the video contains various lights and shadows in the city, from hope to desire in life. This would be linked to the current COVID-19 pandemic (or the natural disasters such as climate crisis). And it may be the unsettling future we will experience in the transition to a digital society.

Kim Jaeik (KR)
Kim Jaeik is working on a variety of visual arts projects based on a specific site/place/environments. City Tinnitus,loosenart gallery,Roma,Italy,2021 Imaginary Soundscape展,Historic Museum,Seoul,Korea,2021 Live in Seoul:Looking at the Seoul,Media Project,Seoul Institute,Seoul,Korea,2021 Looking at peace on the border,Gyeonggi Peace Plaza,Gyeonggi,Korea, 2020 CHANGE,CHANGERS! Media Installation Solo Exhibition,Gallery Yeoksam+Munhori 240-14,2019 Hyperthumedia,Davincicreative.org,Geumcheon Art Factory,Seoul,Korea, 2014 1-117 NODE, ARKO Center,Seoul,Korea, 2013