Yeats & Jung — The Phases of the Moon

It is known that when Yeats was writing Jung had not yet been published and certainly they never met. Documentary evidence states that Jung never read any of Yeats’ work. Yet these two people, separated by great geographical distance, and their own political upheavals, came up with the same fundamental principals and they both built their own towers around the same time. This resonated as a powerful cinematic motif especially when combined with a fragmented text from the two philosophers, not a direct dialogue but snatches of verse and prose from each that connect in an abstract way, while also connecting to the tower.

David Ian Bickley (IE)
David Ian Bickley is an award-winning media artist whose body of work spans the primitive technological of the 1970’s to the digital cutting edge of today. His media work has manifested as television, installation, electronic music and video art. His work has been shown in many major museums, galleries and festivals around the world; including the CICA Museum, Korea; Science Gallery, Dublin; A & I GALLERY, LOS ANGELES; HAUN TIE ART MUSEUM, BEIJING; The Electric Picnic and the Glucksman, Cork. LUX London distribute his video art along with [S]edition online. In the early 1980’s Bickley’s video work won 1st prize at the Sony UK Festival and after a move to Ireland in the early 90’s he was fundamental in the evolution of Irish electronic music, earning a Hotpress award in the process. Besides producing video art Bickley has also made important arts documentaries including The Man Who Shot Beckett and the Celtic Songlines.