The avatar as a kind of representation of a character allows one to interact with the virtual world on different levels. It is an empty vessel, a self-portrait with which anyone can identify, a virtual representation. It is a superhuman form over which one can take control, reaching unexplored areas of immersive experience; rising above the imposed limitations of nationality, gender, or sexuality. It is a gateway to abstract virtual worlds. An avatar is freedom that allows you to feel with increased power. TERRA is not only the name of the avatar, which embodies the performer, but also an audiovisual set that takes place in an audio-reactive virtual environment. It is a live motion-capture VR performance in which movement is translated into images. It is procedurally generated choreography, forming visuals in real time. Direction, production, 3D, vj: Mateusz Bratkowski Performance: Bona Stanulewicz Music: Kasia Kalaniuk Artistic supervision: Daniel Koniusz Technical assistance: Miłosz Margański Costume: Izabela Sitarska (Fashion Dog) Video documentation: Mikołaj Ludwik Jaksim (.wju)

Mateusz Bratkowski (PL), Kasia Kałaniuk (PL), Bona Stanulewicz (PL)
Mateusz Bratkowski – born in 1997 in Szczecin, Poland, graduate of Intermedia at the University of Arts in Poznan. In his work he mainly uses videos, installations and visualizations featuring computer generated characters and ecosystems created from scratch. He explores ways in which digital forms of representation can create new versions of reality and how tools provided by new technologies broaden the scope of the world. As part of his practice, he uses interactive media with 3D software and gaming engines. He uses extended reality technology to create unique, immersive experiences. VJ and multimedia artist, he creates visuals for concerts and artistic events. His works were exhibited as part of European Media Art Festival in Osnabrück and Konteksty festival in Sokołowsko.

Kasia Kałaniuk – is a music producer and sound installation artist, who
works under the pseudonym szkoda. Formerly associated with the noise rock scene, she currently focuses on experimental and dance electronic music. In her artistic practice, in addition
to sound in its various forms and manifestations, she focuses on the impact of social media on everyday life, taking into account sociological contexts and pop culture references. This year she will release her debut EP on polish label tańce.

Bona Stanulewicz – interdisciplinary artist, who explores various methods of art.
They connect performative actions with exploring topics like human crisis, identity and rituals. In their work they play with the relationship between a performer and the audience. As a queer person tries to change the heteronormative narration in the world.
The whole journey started with taking small steps in the ballroom community which is also a very important part of their life.