Soft as Snow

In collaboration with net-based multidisciplinary 3D artist Guynoid and sartorial latex designer, artist & researcher AGF Hydra, Soft as Snow has produced an A/V show as a continuation of the album themes; exploring the constant human digitisation and what remains of the intimate and dirty in the digital cleanliness. In this way, ‘Bit Rot’ grows beyond the album itself into a larger project that explores the fluidity of body and identity when the digital and the physical fuse as one.

Oda Egjar Starheim (DE), Øystein Monsen (DE)
Soft as Snow is the collaboration between Norwegian-born, Berlin-based musicians and producers Oda Egjar Starheim and Øystein Monsen. Their work exists in a hybrid of deconstructed pop and club culture, forming “electronic music pushed to the brink of collapse” (The Wire). Having multiple releases on UK label Houndstooth, the duo’s 2nd album ‘Bit Rot’ is due out on Mexico City’s ever-progressive imprint Infinite Machine this fall. Mixed by Ville Haimala of fellow Nordic club destroyers Amnesia Scanner, it’s their most powerful statement yet. The album captures the friction of our contemporary existence in which smooth digital surfaces are locked in conflict with messy physical realities. The crumbling of fantastic European infrastructure is mirrored by luxurious synthwave and ecstatic trance crumbling into nightmarish, corroded cyberscapes.