“Terms of Used” is an art activity that mockingly resists within the Instagram platform system by using Instagram’s “Terms of Use” as the core context and swapping the subject and the object in the context. This work downloads the images hash-tagged “selfie” from Instagram, captures the face images, and generates videos with the A.I. lip movement synchronization model. The face in the video will speak in the first-person narration, telling how it agrees to sacrifice itself to the platform. The viewers can re-recognize the relationship between the service provider and the platform user.

Wu Po-Yao (TW)
Wu Po-Yao, born in Taipei, is a member of Generation Z, full of a girlish heart. She graduated from Hsin Hua University with a bachelor’s degree in computer science and a master’s degree in art. In art practice, the influence of digital media and technology on contemporary spirituality is her primary concern. Taking “technological trauma” as the core proposition, she explores the contradictory phenomenon that digital users rely on the media but are exhausted while using it. She devotes herself to media study and research in technology as a way of creative practice.