“Intrusion” is a digital archaeological study of the invasion of the Taiwanese server by Chinese netizens in World of Warcraft, which caused delays and congestion on the server due to the censorship of the Chinese game that caused players to move to the Taiwanese server as a guild, and also allowed players from different regions to interact and connect in the heterotopias constructed by the game and reality. The video content uses character models representing Chinese censorship as symbols, and uses the game engine and flocking AI algorithm to create a large number of aggregated character models unconsciously pumping with a sense of impact and influx of human flow, and the scenes use base models, untextured maps and intentionally broken images to try to think about what digital ruins, abandoned areas of cyberspace, and unoccupied server states are.

Juan Po Yuan (TW)
Juan Po Yuan an artist, gamer and Internet addict, takes digital archaeology as the core concept of his creation, and has been focusing on digital games and online space for a long time, taking the post-Internet era, which is structured by the Internet, new forms of portal browsers and online communities, electronic digital games, etc., and new forms of digital visual experience, such as aesthetics from games or digital, as the key source of creation. The new visual experience, digital aesthetics, and new forms of digital visual experience are important sources of creation, which integrate the history, memory, aesthetics, and technical characteristics of online games, online communities, machine-made films, game engines, and 3D software to create a new, contemporary visual experience, technical thinking, and sculpture, video, and other ways of viewing, presenting new perspectives and ways of thinking to reflect and question the meta-setting behind this post-Internet era.