Conceived before last year’s Lockdown but inspired by the situation in which we find ourselves today, Diseased And Disorderly is a celebration of difference and the glorification of persistence. Diseased and Disorderly uses the paintings, drawings and collages of the neurodiverse artist Eden Kötting to make imagistic gold. Assisted by her father Andrew Kötting, the 2D animator Glenn Whiting and the 3D animator Isabel Skinner the collaboration takes us on a phantasmagorical journey into a world of Eden’s making and then beyond.

Andrew Kötting (UK)
Eden has always struggled to express herself, using a simple sign language such as Makaton or her very limited speech. We can only ever scratch the surface of what she might be thinking or saying. Living with her for the last 32 years has only made her more enigmatic and unfathomable. But she makes paintings and drawings and collages and sings and laughs and shouts and cries and amongst these means of expression lies a magic waiting to be discovered. And it is the possibility that this alchemy might afford revelation that keeps our collaboration rich and vibrant.