Transition to the Moon

One night, a fallen star from the sky started the journey along the scary goblin-road. After acquiring eyes and body it slowly becomes human. Then he got on the solar system spaceship to get to the temple where Moon God and Sun God lives. Moon God and Sun God are his mother and father. With all his love, Moon and Sun whisper to the stars and bless his new start as human on Earth. Using Tilt Brush & Blocks as a basic 3D tool for VR film production, the motion of film animation was implemented in the early 20th century. The first story of the project trilogy is .

Seo Kim (KR)
Seo Kim is a producer who has developed a number of films, screenplays. She is also known as the director of numerous experimental films, dance films, and music video. Co-director Young-ho Myung started his career as a TV producer specialising in documentary and entertainment shows and also worked as an assistant director of the films. He has directed a number of film trailers, short films, and interactive films. We are the co-CEOs of Studio ZinZa, have been experimenting with different media forms and creating new combinations with them by exploring a world of storytelling characterised by cinematic narrative and interaction. Especially by focusing on VR films, they continue to experiment with the narrative and image structure of VR films and explore the expandability of media that cross different boundaries. Their major focus is on building a creative studio specialised in VR/XR storytelling and Art/ Cinematic VR with great artistic sensibility.