Symbiosis is defined as a close relationship that often lasts for a considerable amount of time. It involves interaction between biological species that interact together. Human beings are adaptable to change and can learn to share and coexist in the same space. I choose to create a interactive installation like a seesaw symbolizing symbiosis and the fragile balance that surrounds symbiosis. In addition, with the seesaw I wanted to show that people expect the unexpected at any given time. This is represented in the seesaw, as the balance of the seesaw can shift to either side unexpectedly. In symbiosis the species are depended on one another, in the same way when the audience will participate and sit on the seesaw they will depend on each other to maintain balance and to avoid tilting towards one side. Symbiosis for me means balance and interaction and I believe that the seesaw captures this symbolism.

Sofia Iliana Georgiadi (GR)
Sofia Iliana Georgiadi is a Visual Artist and Conceptual Designer based in Athens, Greece. She holds a BA in Visual Arts from Deree the American College of Greece. During her studies at Deree, she served for a year as the President of the Visual Art Society at the College and has won the ‘’Fine and Perfoming Arts Society of the year’’ award. Moreover, she has participated in Exhibitions that have taken place in Greece as well as in the Athens Photo Festival ‘Performance as Photogtaphy’ at Technopolis in Greece. Furthermore, she had won the first award in the Mini Cooper Design Competision by Sfakianakis AE in Greece and the Award “Together For Sustainability, In recognition of your dedication to your alma mater and its high ideals” by Deree, the American College of Greece. Finaly, she is working as a conceptual designer at the creativity department of ‘Differentiate’ Communications. Also she is head of Art Commitee at Acg alumni association.