Arduino Masterclass

The Arduino Masterclass is an introduction to creative design and Physical Computing using innovative automation technologies. It focuses on the use of interactive technologies that appear in the Arts and design and aims to familiarise participants with the implementation of DIY (do-it-yourself), DIWO (do-it-with-others) applications and original interactive projects. The workshop includes:
• familiarise participants with the use of the Arduino UNO board,
• Familiarity with available input devices, such as sensors and switches, as well as output devices, such as motors, speakers, light sources,

The study functions as a real field of study of the interaction but also of the process and design of a work of art with the use of open technologies. The workshop is coordinated by Angelos Floros, Assistant Professor of the Ionian University, Department of Audio and Visual Arts.

Objectives of the laboratory
The main goal of the workshop is to utilise the tools of Physical Computing to produce an interactive project. The lab explores input, output and communication device management methodologies using the Arduino platform. Provides supplies for a more effective approach to interactive technologies in the Arts from idea to implementation.

Aggelos Floros (GR)