Out of Breath

An announced tragedy. In January 2021, the world’s lungs lacked oxygen. In Manaus, capital of Amazonas, dozens of people, including newborns, died in public hospitals due to lack of oxygen. The lack of oxygen also affected the state of Pará and a parallel sale of oxygen cylinders is spreading across the North of the country. The necropolitics spreads throughout Brazil. Sans oxygène (Out of breath) is an experimental short film that opens the trilogy of Devir, which I hope to do in 2021, based on a worldwide pandemic scenario. Set in Paris, the film looks at Brazil from Paris, especially the tragedy of the Amazon region, where France shares its largest border with Brazil, the French Guyana. The choice of black and white, especially a grayish white, marks a scenario of sci-fi, in which the future is the present. When could someone imagine that there would be lack of oxygen? Inspired by real facts, such as the lack of oxygen cylinders in the hospitals of northern Brazil, the film fictionalizes reality and expresses it in images of pain and death, when words are not a possibility.

Liliane Mutti (FR)
Born in Bahia, Brazil, Liliane Mutti lives and works in Paris. She has created and directed more than 50 episodes of the Tv series Decola, (each episode is 26 minutes in duration and focuses on a particular region of Brazil). She is currently editing her first feature documentary , entitled Miucha, the Woman of the Bossa Nova. Her work has recently been exhibited at the Centre of Arts Récollets, the Foundation Krajcberg and at Atelier Studio Ivan Argote at Pantin in Paris.