Entelechy (or on the sense of duty)

Entelechy (or on the sense of duty) is a spoken word song written and performed by Anna Utopia Giordano with music composed by Un Artista Minimalista. Entelechia is contained in Utopia’s first album “Fogli d’ombra” released on March 19, 2021. The text, conceived by the author as a hybrid between poetry and script, contains suggestions from philosophy, literature and science, intertweaving current global issues with classical images of ancient Greece. The videoclip of Entelechy (or on the sense of duty) is inspired by the tradition of son et lumière night shows. The video concept was developed and conceived by Anna Utopia Giordano and Carlo Alleva, an Italian designer and director who has been entrusted with the direction of Entelechy. In particular, the theme of Entelechy (or on the sense of duty) concerns the value of life, how every living being is part of the same unique unbreakable network and the debate on migrants, a very important issue in Italy.

Carlo Alleva (IT)
Carlo Alleva is an italian designer and art director. He founded 71 Pictures which proposes various creative services like design, compositing, motion graphic, graphic design, matte painting and art direction. He currently works as a freelancer worldwide and he had worked with several productions and important names as Netflix, Fox, Sky, Raicinema and many more.
Anna Utopia Giordano / Creative Director, Spoken Word, Voice /
Anna Utopia Giordano is an italian artist, performer and poet known for social awareness art projects like Venus and PopBottles published on major newspapers worldwide. Numerous are the performances related to theatrical and literaly experimentation during concerts, exhibitions and cultural events. In March 2021, she released her first spoken word album Fogli d’ombra. She currently works as a freelance creative director.