AI TRACE – Synaesthetic Engagement of Artificial Intelligence with Digital Arts and its Audience

How emerging technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, are used in museum visitor studies, taken into account ethical and cultural considerations? This is the main question that AI TRACE aims to tackle.

AI TRACE is a research project at the intersection of science and art that is being hosted by Panteion University, funded by HFRI (Hellenic Foundation for Research and Innovation) and supported in its implementation by ADAF.

The project aims at developing a prototype that can be used in the arts sector to track, analyse and present data collected from exhibition visitors in the form of a personalised 3D digital object.

Leave me a message | Kamel Ghabte-Unispheres |Installation | FR
Boop | Aris Falegos |Digital Image | GR
Pose_Transpose | Stathis Doganis, Mirto Delimichali | Web Art | GR
Uroboral | Paula Casanova Dario D’ Antiochia |VR | AR
EdgeBound | Anna Virimine, Yasen Dokov | Game | GR, BG
YEATS & JUNG — THE PHASES OF THE MOON | David IanBickley | Video Art | IR | 7:07
Tunable Mimoid | Vladimir Todorovic, Brian O’Reilly | Αnimation | AU | 7 min