Track-track: Let’s follow the cat!

Μία πεινασμένη γάτα των Άνδεων ταξιδεύει στην ακτή για να ψαρέψει, αγνοώντας πως έχει κάποιους ιδιαίτερους ακόλουθους.

Maria Esperanza (AT), Sasaki Otani (AT)
Peruvian Japanese visual artist devoted to Chinese black ink tradition and animation. She pursued studies at the Purple Cloud Calligraphy Association 紫雲 in Tokyo, holds a bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences at Lima University, and a master of Arts degree at the Institut of Media’s Interface Cultures master program at the Linz University of Arts, Austria. Her work explores scale and dimension, the material nature of water, the behavior of light, and how these elements can create new landscapes and atmospheres for multidisciplinary performances.