This project represents Isreali artist’s Kutiman’s music with an aesthetic true to the soul of the song Saluf, which they treated like a text whose essence cannot be changed. The sensations of loops in Saluf inspired them to closely inspect their daily routines that appear repetitive but are, in fact, constantly changing and evolving. Little by little, more layers are revealed and superimposed and, as the flow of the frames in the video clip becomes analogous to the unfolding of the song’s melody. This is how their visualization was developed, with the intention of creating the fantasy world that comprises the mosaics of everyday life.

Jennifer and Deborah Cywiner (IL)
Jennifer and Deborah Cywiner are sisters from Buenos Aires, living and working in Tel Aviv. Deborah is interested in animation and Jennifer in cinema, and their decision to collaborate came naturally, leading them to the creation of their joint brand, “2 HERMANAS STUDIO”, which they consider their life’s work. Specializing in animation, the two are constantly looking for new ways to narrate stories, to explore different materials and to experiment with new formats.