It Was Only a Rock That Looked Like Someone

Adam and Steve are two astronauts with a mission: They have to send space samples to Earth with the help of a robot. This work turns out to be extremely boring and tedious, especially for Steve who, carried away by his overwhelming loneliness, begins to see very familiar faces in the stones of the planet.

Matisse Gonzalez Jordán (MX)
Matisse Gonzalez Jordán is a Bolivian animator based in Germany. Her graduation film “Gravedad” was shown at several international animation festivals and won several awards, including the audience award at OIAF and nominations for the Annie Awards and the Premios Quirino. Matisse is the creator of “It Was Only A Rock That Looked Like Someone” a pilot for her own series for Cartoon Network Latin America as part of the program Girl Power for Pixelat. She is developing her new feature film.