An agent sneaks into a facility to rescue a robot, then she tries to escape from the security after being exposed.

Hejinzhou Huang (GinJoe) (US), Ziyu Zhang (Tira) (US)
Hejinzhou Huang -or Ginjoe- is the animation guy in this film and also responsible for most of the technical part of it, including rigging and shader look dev. The field he’s looking forward to working into is indie game development as he’s also learning game design during the process. His current plan is to have a personal game project, and the demo is already in progress.

Tira (Ziyu Zhang) is a 3D generalist, focusing on modeling, look dev, and lighting. And she would like to work as a 3D generalist in the future. Though she is proficient in Maya, she very much enjoys working on real-time projects more often, whether it’s Blender or UE4. Tira also loves doing 2D design and storyboards. Like in this thesis film, she tends to make shots as cinematic as possible.