„Elsewhere“ tells a story of a woman who travels to places from her past, remembering and trying to let go of a past love that ended. On reaching her destination, a lake, the woman sees a deer, with which she has some connection. This film stands out through its deeply affecting atmosphere and intense quality of remembering. „Elsewhere“ is a love story, inspired by films such as Michel Gondry’s “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”, where the main character keeps returning to the same places to not to loose memories; which creates contrast with ‘Elsewhere’s theme of wanting to let go.

Sylwia Kubus (DE)
Sylwia Kubus is an illustrator, visual artist and an animation director. Raised in Lodz, Poland, Sylwia Kubus graduated from University Lodz as well as from Polish Filmschool, Animation Department. In 2003 she received a scholarship on Filmakademie Baden Württemberg , Animationsinstitut where she created her Diploma movie “the Island”. Since 2005 she works and lives in Berlin, Germany.