When you touch animals, you can feel their power, for example, the heartbeat, the body temperature, the texture of the fur or skin, and so on. This is also true when we simply hug another person. There are times when, through a hug, we can feel the person’s happiness or sadness or anger. This power is an important aspect for making a positive connection with others. In this installation, when people interact with the art pieces, there will be changes in light and sound. The real-time feedback depends on the power or strength of the touch. With this installation, I want to show how, through simple interactions, we make new relationships with others and might be made aware that each and every one of these can contribute to the strengthening of humankind. I believe this is the true meaning of empathy.

Yuki Anai (JP)
Yuki Anai is a Japanese artist working with sound, lighting, sensing technology. He was born in Oita, Japan, 1987. Completed Graduate School of Media Design, Keio University. He was worked at teamLab for seven years, engaged on set up art and product teams. After graduated he started his own company that focused on consulting a space design of lighting. His inspiration for artworks come from nature’s messages. For example, “A Seashore” expresses light fluctuation like a surface of a sea. “in the rain” expresses the potential of rain, it works as communication media of us.