Dragon Recipes

Dragon Recipes’ is a sweet story about friendship and acceptance, for the whole family to enjoy. The protagonist, a young apprentice witch, idolizes a really scary, green witch from magazine clippings and posters. She dreams of becoming a grand witch like her icon and of having her own fierce, fire-breathing dragon. Spontaneous as she is, our little hero decides to create her own dragon, using an old recipe and magic spells. But the inexperienced youngster will surely make mistakes; magic mistakes that will eventually get her a dragon, but not the fire-breathing one she has in mind. Instead, she gets a dragon with a big heart and a special, magical skill. The little apprentice is about to learn a very important lesson about tolerance and personal sacrifice.

Maria Pavlou (CY)
Maria Pavlou was born in Cyprus. She has earned her undergraduate degree with a full scholarship in Computer Animation in the United States and her Masters in Digital Arts in the UK. She was trained at the Walt Disney Animation Boot Camp in California, under the supervision of the Disney Studio’s Animation leads. Maria is a published author and a lot of her short stories have won prizes in writing contests. She is the creator and producer of Magic Molly, a preschool animated TV series supported by Creative Europe/MEDIA and pitched at Cartoon Forum last year. Maria has also written and directed numerous TV ads, and also animated shorts for kids screened at various film festivals in Europe and the US (Chicago International Children’s Film Festival, Palm Springs International Film Festival, Siggraph). She also teaches 3D animation and figure drawing classes at a university level, both in undergraduate and graduate programs.