Cyborg Goddess #17 – dancing with the ghosts

Artefacts from a future past, mystic figures, broken robots and a grave, where the bones of the passed away are screws, plastic parts and integrated circuits. Entombed with artefacts from the 23rd century… forgotten myths and rites are mirrored in the leftover objects that are buried with these kings, queens and goddesses. A short performance, parting from the richness of human culture. Mixing the old with the new, I invent a future where AI and humans live side by side and share values and beliefs. Electronic sculptures portray futuristic mythological creatures, kings, goddesses and some common robots. Imagine small mixed media sculptures, add some interaction or motion (using micro-controllers, lights, sensors and mini motors) video, drawing, projection, animation and shadow… to tell this speculative story through the eyes of a camera. A Sci-Fi Film performed in real time.

Karla Kracht (DE)
Karla Kracht creates retro-futurist techno-sculptures, where the limits between the drawing stroke and their digital reflection blur completely. In combination with live camera, drawings, video and shadow projections, light and animation, she composes bizarre universes full of strange creatures, miniature cities inhabited by mythological cyborg goddesses that tell sci-f stories about current social and political issues. Her Live Cinema works range between visual arts, comics, animation and object theatre. Recently she investigates mystic aspects of society and imagines scenarios for a world in pre-singularity, where the myths and magic of machines and humans melt with each other. Her award-winning work has been shown worldwide at Animateka Ljubljana, Alhondiga Bilbao, Festival du Nouveau Cinema Montreal, Georgetown Festival Malaysia and Tabakalera San Sebastian, amongst many others. She participates in residency programmes in Portugal, Taiwan, Poland, Korea, Latvia, the USA, Spain and Germany.