Real Virtuality is a virtual reality experience approaching the theme of technology as a means of being in contact with reality. The first perception of reality engendered by immersion in a scanned environment is gradually challenged by its own alterations. During its deterioration, the immersion will reveal its artifices, thus causing the viewer to reconsider the nature of what he perceives. The alteration of the subject and then of the method of display highlights the factitious aspect of what was perceived as real, until the screen itself is underlined as a “mediator” by its own decomposition.

Cosa Mentale (FR)
Cosa Mentale is a french digital art collective composed of Célia Bétourné and Louis Cortes. Their collective was born from a desire to explore a real-time practice oriented more broadly towards new media. (Virtual reality, immersive / interactive installation, video mapping …). The new ways associated with digital creation & their paradigms, are a major inspiration for their collective, both in the logic of creation and in the aesthetics. They allow them to deploy an imaginary linked to the new technologies close to what they really are: devices & software with limited capacities, but with infinite virtual possibilities. Their pieces, for the most part interactive, integrate through generative processes the digital matter in the infinity of its expressions. These infinite variations of the digital form lead them to think of it as an almost mystical object between an autonomous system and an object with fascinating plasticity.