Heterotopia : Mirrors and Perspectives

Mirrors & Perspectives: Heterotopia tells the story of that special moment of introspection after a breakup where the color left by the last moments fades away to give way to the more authentic feeling of what a relationship has brought us. As the journey unfolds, the participant witnesses the defining moments of a couple’s life that they have experienced in the spaces of the city. In this way, they revisit the memories of this couple as one revisits a city in which one lived in the distant past.

Neon Minuit & Tamanoir Immersive (collectif) (FR)
Léon Denise, Samuel Lepoil and Dorian Minuit have collaborated together on numerous VR projects (Les Murs Parlent, L’empire de l’ordinaire, Vegetal Tempo) and are now together on their first collaborative museum project. Léon Denise uses the tools of video games to explore and experiment with new ways of perceiving realities. Dorian Minuit is a light and digital artist, he uses light and the relief of shapes to intertwine physical and digital structures. Samuel Lepoil is creative director at the Tamanoir studio. He is dedicated to writing and designing immersive and interactive experiences at the frontier of digital and performing arts. His work, inspired by both video games and theater, focuses on shared experiences and the re-engagement of the body in the digital age.