Travel Again – Is a documentation of a story that belongs to someone who experienced a trip full of amazement during the complete world-wide lockdown, that made a realization of believing in the possibilities of imagination & the magical adventures it can create if it was considered more often as a fuel, or an actual power to the world.

Ghazel Hasan (JO)
Ghazel is a 25 year old child, in a multidimensional form, that enjoys watching her sensations grow differently in the daily life situations and turning the outer public space into a personal one through imaginative storytelling in different mediums. hoping to innovate art that is similar in affection to ice-cubes when thrown in chocolate milk on a hot summer day. She once experienced an Art residency, and figured out that Art Residencies are not temporary programs that start and end accordingly, but more of a state of mind, and decided to continue living as an Art resident of life.