The future of the Internet is about the future of mankind. Geniuses use their intelligence, passion and concern to create the future. Scientists and elites in the industry are the leaders of the times. In their imagination, the world can’t change from evil to good without their efforts. At the present time, I don’t think they should be the tool of state power and interests. Internet has become the third cultural battlefield after World War II. From the Sino-US trade war, this economic war makes me who uses the Internet feel that when the rulers of the country are angered, all the Internet technology companies in both countries are like a group of dogs who bite people indiscriminately. They are crazy. Perhaps this is wrong. Sending one’s own “children” to the battlefield, the parents of “country” are incompetent and dereliction of duty. The development of human nature is slow. When the Internet can download memories, perhaps the current leaders can see the land dyed red by innocent people with blood for power in the battlefield of World War II. This is ignorance and out of control. I made this video with traditional two-dimensional animation and added post-effects. All the pictures are gorgeous. The scientist’s speech made me see the future he saw, and everything is so beautiful.

Yingchuan Du (CN)
My name is Yingchuan Du and I was born in Chongqing, China(1991). I graduated from Si Chuan Fine Arts Institute, Film and Television Animation Department. During my study, I won the third-class scholarship at the university level, and two works entered the university-level exhibition twice. I studied at Savannah College of Arts and Design and the major is animation. I dropped out of school in 2019. During my study, I won an incentive scholarship, and two of my works (sound design and graphic animation) were selected for the retrospective art exhibition of port cities at the university level for two consecutive years. In 2017, I was invited to attend an art exhibition in Savannah to celebrate the gifts in American art exhibition. I won the first place in the 2018 24-hour animation competition of the college, and the work was shown in the theater of the school art museum. Currently I am living and working as a freelancer in Chongqing.