L’observatrice Détachée (The Detached Observer) is a visual journey created to challenge the senses of the titular observer (and us), forcing her to question her perceptions of the past, present and future as well as the enforcement of societal expectations, ideologies, and systematic imprisonment. A personal story of exploration, “The Detached Observer” will lead us to discover how the inner world can be manipulated and forever changed by the exterior conflicts, whilst questioning whether it is possible to rise above all broken entries.

Serena Marija (UK)
Serena Marija is a British Maltese creative with a varied background in the arts. She embarked on her storytelling journey at the age of eighteen, initially in the fashion industry, before moving into the world of Film & TV and forming an unbreakable bond with cinema and the arts. Serena carved her career independently as a screen actress and writer, before exploring her other abilities in producing, creative direction and talent coaching.
As an aspiring filmpreneur, she is currently studying her MA in Creative Business for Entrepreneurs & Executives at the National Film & Television School, which is assisting her with the development of a creative and social enterprise. She believes that cinema alone can be the greatest cure and intends to change the world one step at a time with the many projects to come.