The Clocks is an essay film adapted from Ecem Arslanay’s essay titled ‘Büyük Saat, Küçük Saat, İleri Saat, Geri Saat, Yukarı Saat, Aşağı Saat’ (2019) (Big Clock, Small Clock, Forward Clock, Backward Clock, Up Clock, Down Clock) published in Manifold. It is a visual mixture of directors’ footage, various works of art from different periods and advertising visuals of various consumer products. It deals with the climate crisis through the concept of time and acts as a poetic warning.

Ecem Arslanay (TR), Yiğit Tanel Kaçar (TR)
Ecem Arslanay studied interior architecture at Bilkent University with a scholarship. She worked in freelance projects and stage design projects under different agencies. Completing her MA in “History, Theory and Criticism in Architecture” at Bilgi University, where she also taught as a part-time lecturer; she has put forward many texts on art, design and architecture for various publications. She worked as the production designer in the feature film “The Connected” (2021). With a government scholarship, she pursues her academic studies in the Architecture PhD Program at Izmir University of Democracy. She is a member of AICA International Art Critics Association.

Yiğit Tanel Kaçar studied photography and video at Bahçeşehir University with a scholarship. He was selected as a participant for George Georgiou’s documentary photography workshop which was organised by International Summer School of Photography in 2010. Later, he participated in the ”Middle Town Project: Picturing The Unspectacular’’ carried out with the partnership of PARADOX, GAPO, I.S.S.P. and Tandem in 2012. Focusing on his personal projects, he took part in domestic and international art workshops, group exhibitions and festivals. He is still working on his visual projects and also produces music under the name of “9VSS”.