“It is time to be honest and assume the fact that you are always thinking further than here. Your mind is not in this place. Your heart is not in your chest, you go unnoticed by the tombs and the gates always that eternal return, the eternal hourglass of existence will always be turned again, and you with it. ” Sol de Inverno is a search for personal images from 1970 to 2021 including VHS material, super8, analogical photos and digital films. I wrote the poem text during the isolation and the pandemic in Brazil, each piece of film, each VHS tape, each analog photo carries a piece of family history, lost and happy moments and I wanted to bring that by mixing memories and sounds and visuals passages.

Luciano de Azevedo (BR)
Born in the city of Juiz de Fora, he worked for several production companies in Minas Gerais, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro for customers like Google, Motorola, Mc donald’s, Jeep, Sony Music, Universal Channel, Dodge, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Samsung among others. In 2015 he launched the project for the film “Cabrito” which was internationally recognized by more than 50 festivals including renowned SITGES (ESP), Grossmann (EU), Macabro (MEX) and finalist in the ABC 2016 Award (Brazilian Cinematography Association), won 20 awards, including Best National Film at the Festival Internacional FANTASPOA 2018 (BRA), in 2018 released the films “Released From love” that made a circuit in international festivals and the documentary for TV “Last Touch”, in 2020 launched its first feature film “Cabrito” which has been selected for more than 15 festivals and received 8 awards and is available on Amazon prime.