“SkyRiver” a poetic journey under the skies of Paris, in search of the invisible. Imbued with Slavic thought, the film explores the passage from the city to nature, creating a hypnotic imaginary in which a whole network of symbols of pagan or Christian origin and a series of figures that combine the profane and the sacred intertwine. Spirituality, the presence of the earth and its prophetic union with the other three elements (water, fire and air), the loneliness of beings, their dreams, their fantasies, their imagination and their torments is the theme of “SkyRiver”. The staging of the film is specified in a single sequence shot expressed by a tracking shot that creates movement through one of the city’s arteries. It is a personal cinematographic view that gives rise to the River movement. The movement takes the basics from Nouvelle Vague and has a direct collaboration with the artist Jean Luc Godard.

Maria Y (FR)
Born on 17 March in Santa María del Puerto del Príncipe, Cuba – from a cubain father and a russian mother, Sean Lear grew up in a modest family until the age of 10. Her childhood was marked by the basic daily hardships of Cuba at that time. It was with her grandfather Orlando that Sean nurtured her imagination to build her values through art. This would define her for the rest of her life. Sean’s childwood was printed by cultural backround between Cuba and Russian countries, where she lived and follow art education. After studying fine art and cinema, and exhibiting her work in several international festivals – and her meeting with Jean Luc Godard at Rolle in 2019 she define her vision in cinema and stared “River Cinematographic Mouvement” At the same time, she creates drawings and paintings that are exhibited in various galleries in Europe and the USA.