Silent Scream

‘Silent Scream’ was created within the months following Walker’s arrested for defending herself against her husband during a violent attack from him. The video work plays between the distortion of time, the cycle of abuse and installed trauma. She collages an interaction between images of herself captured during this transitional time; while she was housed at the Reykjavík Women’s Shelter (Iceland). Walker delves into the subject of self and displays the excruciating pain that both numbs and explodes within one who is caught in the web of intimate partner violence. Walker captures the debilitating feeling that hinders one from releasing sound when one is stopped in their tracks and thrown into a state of frozen, fight or flight whilst facing intimate partner violence.

Nara Walker (AU)
NW works as a professional artist. Her work has been exhibited at renowned galleries such as ‘Woman Made Gallery’ (USA) and ‘Mine Sanat Galerisi’ (Turkey). Exhibited to date in thirteen countries, her work has a diverse audience and is enjoyed by collectors and gallery-goers. Selected works are held in several public collections, including ‘The National Parliament Library of Tbilisi’ (Georgia) and ‘Gallery City Museum of Aveiro’ (Portugal). As a finalist in a number of awards, her work has exhibited as a finalist in the ‘Ruth Borchard Self Portrait Prize’ and ‘Connect to Colour, Summer Art Award’ (the UK, 2015). NW has taken part in a handful of artist residencies across Iceland, Mtskheta, London, and Berlin. Dedicated to developing her art practice, NW completed her BFA in 2012 and continued with an Honours year at Griffith University (Australia) in 2013. Her debut appearance as a performance artist was during the ‘Venice Biennale’ in the official program 2015. She has continued to transform her art practice through varied mediums that at times cross-pollinate.