Redoing is a short film that talks about existential issues in social isolation during the pandemic. He addresses this problem in a way that time happens the other way around. How to redo? Undoing what has been done is not possible, time does not return, the future is uncertain, but with the mistakes of the past one can learn to redo the issues inherent to human beings. This project was carried out at home during the quarantine period in the pandemic without cinematic lighting features.

Alicia Castro (BR)
Alicia Castro is an actress, circus artist, producer and screenwriter. As an actress, she went through several schools starting in Brasília at Cia da Ilusão in 2014, Tablado and Escola de Atores Wolf Maya. He has acted in more than 9 pieces of theater, was a member of the Cooperative of Theatrical Art (CAT) for 1 year creating by the collaborative method parts for adults and children. Wrote the script for the short film remaking where acted and co-directed. Member of the UNIRIO Extension project for Performing Arts, he also had other experiences as a producer of cultural events for the project in several cities in Brazil. Graduated in Pedagogy at UNIRIO, she currently has a project called Solidarte, which seeks to integrate art, education and solidarity for the development of social actions and research in the area of ​​education.