Men of Western culture live on chairs. Unable to limit their bodies to the seated position and their desire for movement, some tribes reject the sedentary lifestyle and thus, try to domesticate the chair. Above all, they adapt their mobility and their behaviour to the possibility of this body flexion, in search of a new form of existence, of a new identity.

Florine Mougel (AT)
Florine Mougel is a visual artist based in Linz. She studied cinema in Paris and Fine Art at the School of Art and Design of Marseille. She develops her research on the poetic of networks and technologies. She composes with situations, people, empty rhetorics, smudged words, feelings. Florine Mougel researches the poetic of flows in our computer-based time. Digital media, as they convey a new relation to images, provoke another relation to the territory through flows, interconnections, and shorter commuting distances. She tends to link all these elements as a close network which keeps on updating as an infinite transformation of the same components. Immersed in nostalgic atmospheres, she stages associative arrays linked to the sense of loss and wandering through variations of a déjà vu.