This project was born from an error, a mistake in the interpretation of the etymology of the word “Museum”. While drawing for an exhibition in Rome, I observed Rome as a great museum. I was misled by the term starting from the assumption that the origin of this word came from Moses, only to discover the correct Greek derivation and its meaning.This error was the intuition that led me to my research process in a series of original interpretative ideas that have connected territories, religions and symbols opening up a narrative made up of seven levels, each crossed by a light: that of knowledge. Muse_um is a project that combines the fixity of photography with the movement of video and it opens itself up to research into the origin of written language and image, passing between the secular and religious culture of the East and West. The images that make up the work Muse_um were made from countless photographic shots, assembled in sequence by the artist and reproduced in motion.The set was prepared in the darkness of the same fixed space, in which a single ray of light was brought together. The fusion of the images creates a seamless visual linearity, in which the narrative is composed through the presence of three structural elements: the wall, a surface and the objects.Three colours used by the artist, mainly yellow, black and white, are the metaphorical expression of the three elements at the basis of the alchemical sciences, namely mercury, sulfur, salt.

Maziar Mokhtari (IR)
Maziar Mokhtari, born in 1980, Esfahan. He moved to Italy in 2004. Currently, he lives and works between Italy and Iran. In 2009, he achieved a B.A. in painting and M.A in 2013 from the Rome Academy of Fine Arts.Maziar Mokhtari employs various media in his artistic experiences : photographic elaboration,, video installations, site specific installations. .He has shown his works widely both in Italy and abroad, in a range of exhibition spaces, including: Macro Contemporary Art Museum (Rome), Maraya Art Centre ( Sharjah, UAE), Stux gallery (NY,USA),Palazzo Triennale (Milano),Galleria Più (Bologna),Galleria Dino Morra (Napoli), Temple University (Rome),Galleria Nuova Pesa (Rome),Casa del Architettura (Rome), Azad Art Gallery(Tehran), Emrooz Gallery (Esfahan),Ogallery(Tehran),Bocs Art Residenti (cosenza), Crocetti Museum (Rome), Fondazione Vittorio Leonesio (BS),Fondazione Carla Fendi (Italy). In 2010 Mokhtari was a finalist in Festarte Prize ( Macro Museum, Roma) and in 2013 in Talent prize ‘ 13 ( Casa del architettura, Roma),His Permanent installations are settled, also at: Permanent Collection of Roberto Billotti Ruggì D’aragona Museum(Italy), Museum Epicentro Gala di Barcelona ( Collection of Contemporary Art Tile) Barcelona Pozzo di Gotto Messina(Italy), Salt Museum contemporary Art (Salgiemma,Italy)