Lil’ Bit is an audio-visual dance composition celebrating the connection we are able to attain in these isolating times through the use of technology. The video fades between dancers Sumalgy Nuro and Selah Joy as they embody this sense of grasping for connection while dancing in the same place at different times, separate but brought together through the video editing technology. The soundtrack is a lively electronic piece by Tamara Ringas (Tamrias) that brings colour to the black and white video, expressing gratitude for these small moments of human connection that technology can facilitate.

Tamara Ringas (ZA)
Tamara Ringas (South Africa) is an electronic composer based at the South African College of Music in Cape Town, who makes music under the moniker Tamrias. Selah Joy (South Africa) is a dancer and performer with a focus on embodiment and improvisational theatre. Sumalgy Nuro (Mozambique) is a musician and traditional dancer studying African Music Performance at the South African College of Music.