‘Je Parle’ is an internalized discussion between an identified self that sits unmistakably outside the supported hilltops of an able majority and the voice that silences a plea for recognition and existence. Can your actions be congruent with your desires if you are situated in a formless space or perhaps more literally a society that fails to acknowledge your own borders and therefore the space you seek to inhabit? We uncover a dialogue both wished for and feared which in itself amounts to the crux of the matter: in living through the development and identification of the self, we must be feel as both the subject and the object; an authentic self is then both created and discovered and can only do so in the throes of a relational entanglement. The speaking hands are recognized by the gaze of another. To be me, I need you.

Cai Glover (CA)
In an ever-going discovery and study of dance, Cai Glover has been training, performing and creating in the art form for 25 years. For the past 10 years Cai has worked as a dance interpreter for Cas Public and has been a part of 8 creations for the company. Most recently, Cai has been working as a choreographer as well, for Cas Public and for his own company, A Fichu Turning. Cai has had the great privilege, over the course of his career, of working with creators Helene Blackburn, John McFall, Simone Orlando, Lauri Stallings, Edgar Zendejas, Mathieu Murphy-Perron and many others. He never tires of the search in finding ways to affect audiences through this art form and to appeal to the varied and countless emotional experiences of the human being. As a hard of hearing artist, hearing differently has become a driving force of his artistry and originality as a mover, interpreter and choreographer.