Every year, the North Sea eats 1,5 meters of the coastline in the Northern part of Denmark. The world famous lighthouse at Rubjerg Knude was destined to fall into the sea, when local builder, Kjeld Pedersen, got an idea: To move the 720 tonne lighthouse 70 meter backwards, hoping for it not to collapse in the proces.

David Jervidal (DK), Tommy Jervidal (DK)
Tommy and David Jervidal, father and son, have been travelling together with their cameras for the last 15 years. David graduated from filmschool in Denmark in 2019, and since then they have focused on telling short stories about the beauty this world has to offer, always with no spoken words. They have won several awards for their work in still-photography and short films, and are often praised for telling original stories from the wildernes with a unique tone to it.