Understanding ‘hiperreality’ as an inability of consciousness to distinguish reality, this work tries to represent the seek of a memory, a longing, which finds itself within a virtual realm; a dilema about the connection between the outside and the inside, the imagination and reality.

Carlos S. Peña (ES)
Audiovisual artist born in Gran Canaria, who works simultaneously with video and sound design. After studying music production in Escuela de Musica Creativa in Madrid, he started making video experiments in a self-taught way, and continued developing his knowledge attending several documentary and D.O.P. workshops. Nowadays, Carlos works by combining both disciplines (sound design and filmed image) in many different audiovisual projects, such as Clavius (together with the pianist Hector Saavedra), Geometrías Volubles (along with the sound artist Manolo Rodriguez) or Karlst AV Show, his solo music project. As Carlos S. Peña, he signed multiple video-art pieces, highlighting the audiovisual installation developed in Espacio Digital for LAB Imaginario project (2019), as well as ‘Obra Muerta’ (2020), which was exhibited in Centro Atlántico de Arte Moderno (CAAM). ‘Hiperrealidades’ (2020) is the first piece where the artist gets closer to a cinematographic format, yet with the experimental touch of his previous audiovisual projects.