Hey Babe

Hey Babe is about a young woman mapping her journey from rejection in love to immense success. We follow her to success through all these 80’s iconic environments. Irina and her journey become here our time machine. The watchwords were: fun, enjoy, and more fun! I grew up watching hundreds of 80s movies, and I wanted to find back a part of my childhood maybe and have fun with the team. A taste of nostalgia, a desire to go back into idealized 80’s maybe. This idea was stronger than anything to me, and in this crazy times, I just wanted to create and to have fun. So let’s jump into a Retro Colorfull 3D Pop Music Univers that I love! Welcome Back in 1988.

Axel Bonnot (FR)
Axel Bonnot is a multidisciplinary creative both Art Director and Director. Working between the French Riviera and California, his video work is driven by visual stories, graphics and new post-production techniques. “In an ideal world my work is a combination of idealized beauty, technology and unrealistic imagery!” Axel says about his work. “I love rediscovering the sensations that I kept from my childhood, when I created with my old camera trying to recreate my favorites Hollywood movies. Movies that take us out of our daily lives to bring us into unreal idealized worlds. If when I create I feel this, and feel like I’m 8 again, that’s a good sign to me… creating must always be fun!” Axel’s passion translates into an undeniable energy both on set and in his work. Motion graphics, 3D colored environments, VR technology, or just a simple studio set, he loves trying new things in order to create unexpected visual stories.